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Shuffling Organized Activities
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Shuffle Lessons - Free shuffle lessons every Saturday at 9 am given by world famous expert shuffler - RICHARD BOSS.  Please sign up in the shuffle shack.
Open Shuffle -  Shufflers are welcome to gather daily for open shuffle.  Teams will be created based on who attends.   Weather can sometimes dictate how many turn out so a few daily times are available 8:30am, 1:00pm and 8:00 evenings (except Sundays due to Hosscollar)

Hosscollar For all levels of shufflers!  Just a lot of fun.  Every Sunday  at 7pm.  Bring a dollar to join and you will likely take it home again once the scores are tallied! Hoss Collar is a shuffleboard game with 6 players, 3 at each end of the court. The teams are formed by draw. The 3 people playing as a team at one end of the court try to attain a maximum score in 9 rounds of play. 

Monday Morning League - Orval and Jean Larson will be organizing MONDAY MORNING IN PARK LEAGUE which will start January 7th 2019.  Signup sheets will be posted in the shuffle shack.  Experienced shuffles will be paired with inexperienced for the season.
Friendly Shuffle - Trails End is part of a new "Friendly Friday" group consisting of Ranchero, Country Sunshine, Southern Comfort and Siesta Village.  There will be a schedule posted in the shuffle shack along with a sign-up sheet each week if you plan on attending.
Last updated Jan 2, 2023
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