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First meeting December 12th 9-11AM in the Library.
Genealogy/DNA Group Forming

Do you enjoy the thrill of discovery, solving puzzles of a personal nature?  Want to figure out that DNA test beyond ethnicity? With the growing interest in finding our roots combined with lower cost DNA testing, I thought there may be others like me in the park who would enjoy getting together around these topics. I am by no means an expert but have been engrossed in this for several years and enjoy helping others. Experienced or novice, tested or not, all are welcome to come, learn and share. Our first session will just be a time to discuss our interests and needs and to clarify our direction.

For those contemplating a DNA test, the companies (Ancestry, 23 &Me, and Family Tree DNA) are known to offer discounts this time of year. The sooner you get a kit and get it sent in, the sooner the results, especially if a large number of kits are given as gifts, etc. The testing agencies can get backlogged. If you are trying to figure out which test to use, just talk to me and I can help you sort out the options.

We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the Library from 9-11AM.  Bring a laptop if you have one.  Possible topics: Internet sites, Non-tech research, DNA, Brick Walls, Using Facebook, Lineage groups. There will be a board in the card hall with further information. Kathy Anderson @ 1057 or 763-486-3708
Kathy Anderson, 1061 Durango
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Last Updated-2014-11-02
The Genealogy Group will have their first meeting on December 11th 9:00 AM in the Library.  Primary emphasis will be “DNA, What do I do Next?” but all are welcome.  A second meeting in December will be scheduled at that time if desired. Watch the Bulletin Board in the Card Hall for further information.  Kathy Anderson @ 1057 or 763-486-3708