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Mabels Clinic

***Mabel's Clinic (Progreso, Mexico) accepts food items, clothing and other goods. Check with Verna Boss or Sandy Robinson
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Christmas in Mexico Gift Bins

The Board of Mabel's Free Clinic is once again sponsoring “Christmas in Mexico” for 30 families in one of the Colonias of Nuevo Progresso. We have two bins in the Main Hall with labels on them for two of the families.  They have the names, ages and sizes of the family members.  If you could contribute gifts, it would be greatly appreciated.  This year, the Board will take care of food, so the gifts should be items for each of the family members, such as clothes, grooming items, toys, household items, for example scarves, gloves, socks, pajamas, nightgowns, toothbrushes, hair brushes, shampoos, etc. Please wrap the items and label them with the name of the recipient. It is more fun to get a wrapped gift! There can be multiple gifts for any and all of the names on the list.  If you are interested in seeing the distribution of these gifts and the food packs, see Sandy Robinson @ 929 Leisure Lane for the date and time.
Last updated Jan 2, 2023
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