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Park Beautification

2014 Award
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Last Updated-2014-11-03
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Trails End Park Wins
Weslaco Commercial
Beautification Award
    (January 20, 2014)  Trails End Park was presented    with the City of Weslaco's Commercial Beautification Award for efforts in establishing the park's lush Birding Center and enhancing the appeal and appearance of the front entrance to the  park.  This award is a program of Weslaco Beautiful, a committee of the Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce and is awarded quarterly to those businesses that develop, foster, and maintain a safe nature-friendly environment for residents
        and the surrounding community to enjoy.  

    Accepting the award for Trails End were surprised park managers Bonnie and Dan Sell.  In accepting the award, Bonnie Sell thanked the park residents for their hard work and persevering efforts in developing the front entrance birding center and noted that their effort was fully supported by the park's management.  The birding center occupies several thousand square feet of landscaped grounds bordered by a circular walkway and surrounded by bird feeders, trees, and park
benches dedicated to the spouses of park residents who have passed away.  A pond with a recirculating
waterfall occupies the center of the sanctuary.

Pictured L-R   Lewis Cocks , TE Resident, Chris Warren, Weslaco Beautiful, Betty Gross and Dave Pollock TE Residents, Bonnie and Dan Sell, Park Managers, Jerry Gutshall Weslaco Beautiful and Dolly.
There is a small wildlife habitat in front of the park. If anyone would like to help with it, please contact  Betty Gross @  560 Vera Cruz
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