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Each year our talented residents put on a Christmas concert with wonderful music, singing, skits, and even a visit from Santa. Concert will be held on Saturday, December 15th.  The practices will begin at 3 o’clock on Wednesdays and the coordinators are Susie Vanderzyden and Peggy Anderson. Local artists will be featured.
The Christmas Program will be held Saturday, December 15th  at 7:00 pm. Local artists will be featured.  If any of you have little ones attending the program who would like a present from Santa, please bring a wrapped and labelled gift. It will be put under the tree for Santa to call their name. Lunch will follow. Please come out to share the Christmas spirit with your Texas family. Everyone is welcome to join the Christmas choir. Practices will start at 3:00 each Wednesday beginning November 21st.  Please contact coordinators Peggy Anderson  @ 171 S Bermuda or Susie Vanderzyden @ 741 N Bermuda for more information.