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The Game

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The game consists of 4 people playing the game with two at the head (scoring end) and two at the foot.  The partners are either yellow or black and one is at the head and the other is at the foot.  The court is in the form of a triangle in scoring area which the top point counts ten, 7 or 8.  The end of the court which is referred to as the kitchen and if a player gets into the kitchen they are deducted 10 points.  Each player will alternately play their 4 discs.  There are 20 frames played and after 10 ends the head and foot players change from the yellow to the black discs.  The scorekeeper plays the yellow discs and shoots first to start the game.  The person playing the black discs usually arranges the discs after an end is finished and put them in the proper place.    The purpose is to try to get as many points without going into the kitchen and having points deducted.   There is a lot of strategy playing the game and you will learn words like guard, hide, bump, etc.  There is also a single version of the game where there are 4 people but each person is playing against one other person and not as a team.

Last updated Jan 2, 2023
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