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From your Newsletter Team
You should have received the Activity booklet for 2017/18 either delivered to your door or by email. Please keep this for the season, as we will not be repeating this general information in our newsletters. We hope to include information on special events and items specifically related to the current month, any special announcements, contact information changes, and of course the monthly schedule.
We welcome your input.
As always, this newsletter is only one way of keeping informed on Park activities.  We are striving to provide up to date and accurate information, but please remember to check all the bulletin boards in the Main Hall, Card Hall and Library for more details. 
Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Happy Holidays!
The newsletter seems to be an ever evolving entity as I strive to not only customize it to meet the needs of all Park residents, but to collect and organize information as efficiently and accurately as possible. 
All submissions for the newsletter can be made either to or dropped off to me at 857.  There is a dropbox just inside the Texas room door.  The deadline for each publication is the 20th day of the previous month. I am always happy to have your submissions as early as possible. 
I will continue to publish name, address and contact information changes as they are needed.
There are many ways to stay informed about Park activities come out to the Monday Morning Meetings, check one of the many bulletin boards in the main or card halls and the library, and check the Club website regularly as updates are posted there.
As always, your feedback is very important, since the newsletter and activity booklet are for your benefit and I am striving to include the information most important and useful to you.  Brenda Shearer @  857 Yucatan,  1-204-730-4338