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Fine Dining in the Park
kitchen co-ordinator
Bev Buechele
Tom Dame
Gene Marks

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The kitchen is humming right along.  The dinners have started up.  Yucatan/Durango had our first dinner.  It went very well although there was a shortage of volunteers, but a great job was done thank you supper crew hosted by Dave & Maureen Colburn, Fred & Margaret Lammiman and Jim & Carolyn Mulock.  Next dinner will be Nov 29th hosted by Betty & Jon Gross and Ray & Bev Buechele.
In December, there will be a Brunch put on by the Park under the supervision of Ron Watson and his wonderful Brunch helpers. There will be 5 more Brunches in the new year.
If you would like to be included but do not know how, please contact Ron Watson, Brunch coordinator,  306-868-7899, Jim Mulock for  breakfasts on Saturday, 956-351-5561 or cell 902-523-3577 , Bev Buechele for Thursday night dinners, 956-684-7221  and /or Tom Dame, 956-968-4756 , and Terry Neal for Friday Jam lunches, 956-373-0907.
If it is your block's turn to host a dinner, just volunteer to help as it is a great way to meet your neighbors and have some fun.  Bev Buechele, Kitchen Coordinator @