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***Dumpsters are located in the southeast corner of the park at the south end of Durango. Residents are responsible for taking bagged household garbage and small trash items to the dumpsters. The dumpsters are emptied three times weekly.
***Residents have to arrange to have large items (appliances, carpeting, lumber, etc.) taken to a proper disposal site. The park office can provide the name and location of a proper disposal site. If these items are not disposed of properly a $25.00 charge will be assessed to the owner.
***There is a separate "brush" pile. Once a week (Thursday) park staff will pick up brush and branches left at the front of your property. Thorny branches need to be in bags or cans (preferred). The cans will be returned to your property.
***Recycling: In the park there are provisions for some recycling. Bins, etc. are provided by the dumpsters. At the present time you can recycle newspapers (bagged or tied only no loose paper), cardboard (collapse boxes), plastic, glass and tin cans as well as aluminum cans, and provisions for glass recycling has been added. Also the Club recycles aluminum pop cans, thanks to Forrest Zemlicka. Leave your pop cans in the container near the pop machine located on the northwest side of the Rec. Hall. The recycling proceeds are turned over to the Trail's End Club.
*** Also There are containers or collection boxes in the main hall for a variety of items. Please check these out and donate accordingly. (Two boxes are provided for used eye glasses -- Lions Club International or Mabel's Eye Clinic in Progreso, Mexico.) The pull tabs from aluminum cans are collected and turned over to Ronald MacDonald House by Forrest Zemlicka.
Occasionally there are other collection boxes so you can do your part to recycle, reduce, re-use.
Last updated Mar 24, 2022
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New cabinets with labels are in place in the Main Hall for recycling. Styrofoam has to be all white.  Foil pans and tin foil are NOT recyclable.  There are baskets under the window on the north side for batteries, plastic lids, glasses and pop can tabs.  A container for glass bottles is under the table where the baskets are. Please let us all try to recycle as much as possible.  For more information contact Jon Gross.