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Water Volleyball

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Join us for a 45-minute, low impact, cardio workout.  Classes will be canceled only if it is raining or when the outside temperature is below 50F. All sessions are held every day except Sunday.
Classes available are:
8AM Led by Sue Walker. They include a variety of stretching and aerobic movements.
9AM Led by Clayton Zimmerman.  On Mondays only the session will begin at 9:30AM immediately following the Monday morning meeting.  This is a moderate aerobic program.
10:15AM Led by Linda Wuethrich, our Aerobics Chairperson. This is a moderate aerobic program and runs from Monday to Saturday.  The program on Wednesday will be leg stretches and on Saturday it will be arm stretches.
Water Volleyball equipment is available in the small kitchen by the pool.
Come out and join us for fun and better health.
Last updated Jan 2, 2023
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